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Beat the winter blues - Part one



Lets face it, as soon as the first drop of snow falls to the ground we're either as excited as a two-year-old or hiding under the duvet waiting for summer.

Either way, the winter takes a toll on our mood and appearance, the weather dries our skin and we lose our summer glow.

In order to make yourself feel better and be ready for the warmer weather, here are some products to boost both your mood and your skin.

Prepping your skin

The best way to save your skin and prepare for spring is to scrub to your heart’s content, especially with something as sweet smelling as Soap and Glory’s Sugar Crush scrub. The gritty sugar and macadamia scrub can be used just once a week, or up to four times if you really need to.

The sugary lime scent makes you feel summery and sweet, while the exfoliator is ideal for removing fake tan and dead skin cells. This tub will last you a long time! For a real quality polish, why not get some exfoliating gloves? These help work in the product even more.

Caring for the face

Unfortunately the face is often the first place to suffer damage from the weather. Try a soft and soothing face scrub once or twice a week, such as the Simple Kind to Skin Smoothing Facial Scrub. This works well at moisturising and cleansing, whilst also removing dry skin.

Make-up is easier to apply to soft, exfoliated skin and it will also last longer than on skin that is dry and flaky. Simple products also promise to be kind to your skin; perfect for the more sensitive amongst us who find most exfoliators too harsh.

TLC for your hair

There’s no point in your face and body being all soft and supple if a bad hair day is going to let you down. So how do you stop the wind and rain creating a birds nest out of the the soft sleek hair you left home with?

Your first step should be a key ring hairbrush. Denman, known for its high quality hair brushes, also have this little gem in their collection.

A miniature of their best selling brush, it detangles and softens hair quickly - just attach it to your keys to put that birds nest back into the wild where it belongs.  

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