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10 minutes with Jim Chapman

by Saisha Potts on

Jim chapman is becoming a popular name in the vlogging-sphere, with one of the world’s biggest men’s style channels; there really is no stopping this young man’s talent and popularity.

Vlogging clearly runs in the family line with the success of his sisters' Samantha Chapman and Nicola Haste's channel  Pixiwoo.

Not forgetting that Jim’s stunning girlfriend Tanya Burr has also become a YouTube sensation with more than two million visitors to her makeup tutorials each month– what a beautiful pair.

Jim’s successful  YouTube channel has had 5,057,063 hits and gained a following of 74,626 subscribers, let alone his impressive 13,492 twitter followers. We have been watching Jim’s entertaining and down to earth videos for a while now and we love them! 

So here’s an insight into what happened when we asked Jim a couple of questions … enjoy.

How would you sum up your style?

As a general rule I tend to go for a modern take on the classic gentleman look. I like to keep it subtle but masculine.

How did you get into vlogging and blogging?

My big sisters made a YouTube channel all about teaching people to create makeup looks on themselves (they're called  Pixiwoo). 

They taught my girlfriend makeup and encouraged her to make a channel too (aptly named  Pixi2woo). 

I appeared in a few of her videos and the number of comments left saying I should start my own channel overwhelming.

 It was just a really enjoyable way to kill some time to begin with... I had no idea that it would receive the amount of support it has!

What men's style were you loving from the latest fall/winter catwalk collections?

My favourite show was Burberry. I loved the sharp lines and mix of textures. Oliver Spencer and Acne impressed me too.

Which catwalk trend are you looking forward to sporting this spring/summer?

I really like that guys are starting to realise that they don't have to wear jeans all the times now. I'm looking forward to bringing out some casual trousers and chinos.

What was the inspiration behind your blog?

There was no one moment of inspiration to be honest, I've always been interested in fashion & style. Its been a slow and very natural progression. 

It's absolutely amazing to me that so many other people are too and listen to what I have to say.

What are your proudest blogging moment/ your biggest achievement?

This will sound like someone from Disney has scripted it, but for, the comments I receive, the Tweets, emails, Facebook posts and private messages on YouTube that are sent to me. 

The encouragement and thanks that I read on a daily basis are genuinely are my biggest achievement.

What's your most embarrassing/ cringe moment?

I'm having an off-day if I don't do/say something to embarrass myself. I'm lucky I get to edit my videos before they go live. 

It would be great if I could edit all my social interactions before I actually have them because I'm pretty shy. 

Meeting new people is always a bit cringey for me.

What's it like being a male blogger in a very female dominant environment?

I love it! I've had loads of support from ladies who appreciate what I do for husbands, boyfriends, dads and brothers. 

It's becoming accepted now for more and more men to get involved in the industry too, which I think is great!

What would be your top style tip for guys that maybe struggle a little with knowing what works well?

Make sure everything you buy is well fitted to your body-shape. It can accentuate the areas you want to draw attention to whilst hide the bits that you may not be so proud of.

You've got quite a following on both Twitter and YouTube - what do you put this success down to?

I think it's mostly because I'm just like most of the people who watch me. I'm grounded and normal and I like to think that people can relate to that.

What tips would you give to a newbie fashion/beauty blogger?

It takes a lot of time, loads of effort and plenty of late nights (mostly working). But it's the most rewarding way to spend my time I can think of. Keep at it!

Finally... an interesting and random fact about you.

I don't drink alcohol. I am pretty much always sick, even if I don't drink much. My last beer was about four years ago... Now I'm designated driver for everyone I know!

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Lisa: 08 Mar, 2012 at 16:00

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Big fan of all the Chapmans videos aswell as Tanya's! Even though they're male blogs there fun to watch! Keep up the good work Jim!

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