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Get the style of the Made In Chelsea stars

by Saisha Potts on

Set in the heart of one of London’s wealthiest districts, the dramality show ‘Made In Chelsea’, has most of us coveting the lifestyle of the rich and famous stars. 

The non-stop partying, excesses of money, the highs of friendships and hot and steamy romances – what more could we dream of?

Most of us are drawn to the show for the uncut insight that we gain into the lives of Chelsea’s young, beautiful and elite.

The opening bars of M83’s song Midnight City indicate the opening of a tantalising episode that will quench our appetite for another piece of dramality. 

I will put my hands up and be the first to admit I have an addiction to the show. I’m in love with the cast and I let out a small tear at the end of each season, wondering what's going to fill that gap in my life. 

I’m at wits end with the on-off love affair between heart throb Lothario Spencer Mathews and blonde bomb-shell Caggie – come on guys you know you love one another. 

More than just getting my fix of dramality, I find myself coveting the ensembles that the stars set to the screen in. The ladies always look glamorous and flawless in their figure skimming attire and exquisite accessories. 

But for me, I can’t help looking at the boys in all their sartorial finery. Any guys looking for a little style inspiration need to look at this lovely line up of lads and take note… suit up, boot up and pay attention.

Spencer Matthews

The front man of the show, we would describe his style as tailored with a relaxed flair.

Hugo Taylor 

This dapper lad is go-to man if you want to know the coolest hang out and hotspots to be seen in. His style is an explosion of formal meets informal – with the odd sprinkling of his own quirky style.

Jamie Laing

This cheeky chap brings his boyish charm and youthful energy to the show and we love him! Notorious for liking a good ‘pardy’ his style is chilled out with a little dash of edginess.















Let us know what you think of the show, the stars, and the style in the comments below. 

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