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Free fall fashion shoot filmed on a mobile phone

by Saisha Potts on

With the imminent launch of the HTC one series, the company has decided to develop a revolutionary advert by putting one of its consumers at the heart of its soon to be launched TV commercial. 

The challenge was to capture the world’s first free fall fashion shoot – and all on just a mobile phone.You can catch a glimpse of this ground breaking footage from April the 5th. 

The armature photographer, Nick Jojola, was freefalling at speeds of up to 126mph whilst capturing the imagery on location in Arizona. The shoot features the beautiful model and champion skydiver Roberta Mancino. If things weren’t challenging enough already, the shoots took place at dusk and dawn, adding complex lighting issues to the equation. 

Roberta was dressed in a Martin Izquierdo creation that had a very futuristic feel to it. The ensemble was made from plexi glass and oil slick coq feathers hand sewn to withstand high winds. 

The seamstress (Miss KK) is well-known for creating bespoke outfits for Nikki Minaj, Rihanna and Madonna, so we’re not surprised she was brought in to work her magic. 

To add a dash of glamour to the whole look, Roberta donned a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti heels. 

The hair and makeup was styled by Adam Breuchaud – although we’re not sure how it managed to stay put with winds of 126mph when our hair struggles with a light breeze. He created an on-trend slicked back pony tail and paired the look with dramatic dark eyes and nude lips.

Let us know what you think of the free fall fashion shoot in the comments below. 

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