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Michael Van Der Horst for Topshop

by Saisha Potts on

It’s been a little more under the radar than most high-street-meets-designer collabs, but fledgling Michael van der Horst – who graduated from CSM only last year and cut his teeth at Chloe – has said aloha to the high street by teaming up with Topshop to bring us a totally tropical capsule collection of Hawaiian print tailored pieces, cycling shorts, boxy jackets and flamingo pink jersey separates.
We’re massively lusting after the hibiscus print silk dresses with drawstrings,which are gorgeous for lazy summer weekends.

And don’t for a minute think that the fabrics and prints have been watered down for the high street - oh no, Topshop have used the exact same print and fabric used in his MA collection so you really do get designer garms for a fraction of the cost.

The van der Horst look is distinctly girly with a strict masculine edge, combining heady summery prints with androgynous cuts and shapes. His work is decidedly 70s and Hawaiian-inspired, with his A/W 11 ready-to-wear collection channeling transvestism and escapism, resulting in a riot of prints on Bermuda shorts and tropical shirts. He credits his heritage, and the beautiful things in his Grandmother’s Indonesian house, for his obsession with summery, tropical prints.

Welcome to the van der Horst world – we think you might like it!


Let us know what you think of the collection in the comments below.

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