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Quick tips to fresh feeling feet



More often than not our feet get missed in our daily beauty regime. But while they aren’t often the first thing people will notice, you certainly don’t want to neglect them leaving them looking worse for wear.

Most of us spend 60% or more of our day on our feet, so isn’t it time we gave them a bit of TLC? Here are a few pointers to keep your tootsies feeling fab.

Protect your party feet

Imagine you’re heading off on a big girls night out. You’ve the most beautiful pair of shoes imaginable, maybe a pair of Loub’s of Choo’s?

They feel so comfortable... for the first half an hour. But after that, walking on hot coals would probably be less painful.

This can all be avoided with a few cheap and essential purchases.

  1. Cover the key areas of your feet, such as your heels and toes, with blister plasters.
  2. Pop in a pair of Party Feet’s gel cushions. They’ll leave your feet feeling comfty for just £4 and they’re reusable!

Avoid smelly sock syndrome

Only the least proud of us will admit, sometimes, beautiful shoes aren’t designed to make your feet smell rosy. Fear not, help is at hand to prevent any bad foot odours. Why not Invest in a peppermint foot soak - the strong scent will last all day (and night)? Or try buying yourself some foot deodorant to keep your feet feeling fresh and smelling great.

If some of your shoes don’t smell so fresh, spray them with Febreze once in awhile and leave overnight. Socks may not be the sexiest looking or feeling accessory to go with your outfit, but try wearing them as often as you can – excluding where sandals are concerned. Your feet will be sweet-smelling (rather than sweat-smelling) in no time.

We love these Topshop pretty pastle socks - a perfect nod to the hottest trend this spring.

Why pay for a pedicure?

I think it’s possible to get a salon professional pedi without splashing out or leaving the sofa. I kid you not; simply soak your feet in hot soapy water or take a bubble bath, then apply a scrub to your feet. My fave is Ted Baker’s body scrub, which has gorgeous girly packaging and smells amazing too. And at just £6.50 you can’t really go wrong.

If you’re feet need some extra TLC find yourself a scrub designed specifically for your feet - alternatively, if you live by the sea, a walk along the sand does the same job. After using a foot scrub, wash off and follow with a thick and intensive moisturiser.

Add the finishing touches by shaping and buffing your nails before applying a coat of your favourite coloured nail varnish. Perfect. Repeating this procedure every two to three weeks will keep them looking and feeling great, so you won’t have to consider letting small Japanese fish nibble at your toes...

Let us know if you’ve got any other essential tips for keeping your feet in good nick by commenting below.

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