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Favourite fashion picks of the week



My number one must have accessory of the week is this beautiful bag from Topshop’s spring/summer collection. The bag is made from straw and available with both green and pink embellishments. It's a go-to neutral accessory with a hint of spring/summer hues, adding colour to your look.

With the economy as it is right now, many of us don’t have the money to splash out on a new bag every month, however this one can be used all year round with any outfit and at a reasonable price!

If this bag screams you all over then visit Topshop and pick up the piece for £30.

My number two is a little more eccentric than the others. These bandage style tights were made popular when Janet Devlin performed in them on The X Factor. Since then the high street shops have been falling over themselves to bring out their own copycat versions.

In my opinion, these tights are a perfect way to make an evening outfit more interesting, but can also be worn during the day for the more quirky of us.

If like me you're a quirky chic and want to liven up your look head over to boohoo to snap up these snazzy tights.

At number three is this very delicate gold necklace from Topshop. At £8.50 I think it’s a must have accessory as I can’t think of much it wouldn’t go with.

For example, high necked shirts and tops are very popular at the moment, but sometimes need a long necklace or pendant to equal out the look. This necklace is also very simplistic, so is a great choice for either the office or a night out.

Love this necklace? It's all yours for just £8.50 from here.

All women need a good strong collection of belts to choose from and for me, this belt should be one of them and for £12 you simply can’t go wrong.

This belt is a good example of the popular trend of statement belts that’s currently developing. Urban Outfitters is well known for starting this trend as recently they have introduced simple belts with a word or sign on it; for example, ‘love’ or ‘peace.’

If the peace belt is ticking all the right boxes then you can get your hands on this bargain belt for £23 from Topshop.

Let us know what you think of our hero picks of the week in the comments below - and be sure to let us know what would make it on to your list.

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