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Glam up your look: TOWIE style

by Saisha Potts on

It’s a show that has swept our nation and managed to get most of us hooked – a ritual that’s creeping into many households across the UK every Wednesday and Sunday at 10pm on the dot. We learn to love the characters – cheer at their romantic successes and cry (we’ll maybe just inside) at the bitchy rows and friendship break-ups.

But perhaps The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE for short) is most popularly known for its unique sense of style that the lovely Essex ladies showcase. Many characterise the look as fake, but we’re choosing to view it as glam on steroids – just tone it down a tad ladies and you’ll be bang on.

From Lucy’s unending lashes to Lauren Pope’s magnificent pair or even Chloe’s restructured behind – you can’t say these Essex ladies don’t know how to make an effort when it comes to their appearance.

We may not want to go as far as re-creating the Essex rack or rear, but what we love is the flawless and full lashes and perfectly polished pointers.

Unfortunately like most the lovely lasses on the show, we’re not naturally afforded the blessing of super long, thick lashes or perfectly smooth shaped nails. Rest assured ladies creating a classy version of the Essex preened perfection is no longer out of our reach….

In fact, it’s so close, you only need to nip down to your local super market or drug store and pick up your Eyelure lashes of choice and Elegant Touch nails.

Celeb style – Katy Perry Lashes

Katy Perry is idolised by many men for her curvaceous figure and beautiful feminine features – now we can get one step closer to re-creating her look. Eyelure (our fav eyelash brand) and Katy Perry have teamed up to create a selection of lashes inspired by the lovely pop princess herself.

Sweetie Pie: These lashes add subtle length and volume to your own lashes. This set is the perfect option for a discrete day-time look.

Oh Honey: Feeling a little more dramatic? These lashes strike the perfect balance between intensity and naturalness. Perfect for wearing during the day for a volumised and lengthened look or for a fab night out.

Cool Kitty: Want more of an Essex look? These lovely lashes will make your eyes look amazing and certainly leave you standing out from the crowd – for all the right reasons of course!

All about the drama – Double lashes

It’s become a recent trend for lots of ladies to double up on their lashes ready for a night out – well no longer do you have to fork out for multiple pairs of lashes.

Eyelure have bridged the gap and created a new collection of lashes, Double Lashes. They’re intended to give you a full flutter and more intense look.

Natural beauty – Naturalites false eyelashes

Maybe you’re a newbie to the world of fake lashes, or just more of a natural gal – don’t worry we have the perfect match for you too.

Eyelures Naturalites give a lighter look that adds length and texture whilst still looking subtle and natural – the perfect balance!

On-the go girl – Ready to wear pre-glued lashes

If you don’t have the time to be fiddling around with gluing lashes and carefully placing them on your peepers then Eyelure are there to give you a helping help. The creation of their ready-to-wear collection makes it quick and easy to apply lashes – even when you’re on the go.

If you’re worried these lashes won’t have strong enough hold then relax –we’ve tried and tested them and the results last all day. Transform your lashes into sensational and sultry peepers in seconds.

Cracking up – Crackle nails

If the crackle effect that was a huge recent trend is right up your street, but you don’t have naturally preened nails then invest in a set of Elegant Touch Crackle Nails – our favourite is in graphite.

The sets cost £8.50 and ensure perfection every time – after all creating the crackle trend free hand can be tricky.

Good enough to eat – Nail candy kit

If you like to have full creative license when polishing your nails then the Nail Candy Kit could be your match made in heaven.


The kit comes complete with wrap patterns allowing you to express yourself and create a completely unique look each time.

These falsies are also kinder on your nails, coming complete with glue tabs, however If you want to create a look that will last and last we recommend applying them with Elegant Touch brush on nail glue.

Mix and match spring colours

For the fashionistas among us that like to give a nod to the spring/summer trend, the mixed nails in sherbet or pastel are perfect for you.

Complete in 24 different sizes these nails inject a dash of colour to your look. If you’re indecisive this kit is fantastic as there are multiple colours – you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Polished and preened

Like the classic look of a mani but don’t have natural nails that will create a perfectly preened look? Elegant touch polished nails will be perfect.

Available in a whole host of colours from dark hues, to natural shades and popping bright candy colours – the choice really is all yours.

Our favourite shade for this spring/summer is the warm pink or coral. You can now create a salon professional look in minutes, at home and at a fraction of the price – what more could you want?

If you like the sound of any of these peeper enhancing lashes or polish perfect nails then you can pick them up here. Why not also follow Elegant Touch and Eyelure on Twitter. Finally get all the latest goss on Eyelure products by liking the Facebook page.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of Eyelure and Elegant touch in the comments below. 

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