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Louboutin to create a Cinderella inspired glass slipper

by Saisha Potts on

If Cinderella were real she would clearly be a Louboutin girl, right? Well, after hearing news that the man himself is set to create a real life glass slipper for the re-release of Cinderella on blu-ray later this year, we’re even more convinced the beauty would have a penchant for a red sole.

The news has sent us into a slight tizz (we’re not even ashamed to admit that we still heart Disney films) and we’ve spent approximately four hours daydreaming about what the magical shoe might look like and whether they’ll feature the iconic red sole.

Speaking to WWD, the man himself said of the collab, “I have been so lucky to have crossed paths with Cinderella, an icon who is so emblematic to the shoe world as well as the dream world.” We have a feeling Cinderella might be thanking her lucky stars too, Chris!

We all know the shoe-creator demigod is no stranger to creating fairytale footwear - just look to any of his glitter or silk designs, or his amazing bridal collection for princess-inspired designs. And who could forget those amazing Marie Antoinette-inspired beauties a few seasons ago?

We think this may just be the most squeal-inducing news we’ve heard since Marc Jacobs announced the launch of a new make-up line. Plus, this definitely means it’s officially acceptable to still want to BE Cinders herself and, for that alone, we thank you Mr. Louboutin.

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