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Beth Ditto for MAC


She’s famed for her unique sound and quirky style tendencies and is a regular FROWer, and now Beth Ditto, leading lady of Gossip with the larger than life persona, has turned her creative hand to a make-up line, in collaboration with MAC.

Following in the footsteps of Wonderwoman, Barbie and, er, Miss Piggy, Beth is the latest high-profile MAC-er to put their name and face to a line for the cosmetics giant and it’s a surefire sell-out – we can tell already!

On the foray into the beauty world Beth said, “collaborating with Mac on my first make-up collection has been my dream…I was like a kid in a candy store. It’s very colourful, but the idea is that it’s versatile.”

We’ve got a beady eye on all four nail lacquers, ‘Dear Diary’, a hot pink lip crème, and that amazing Mr. Blobby-inspired face palette, with the amazing name Powder to the People.

We also have a feeling we could be visiting our inner seventies diva with colour mascaras, shadow/liners in a rainbow of hues and big glossy, black feline flicks that could rival Beth’s herself!

Beth Ditto for MAC will be available from June 

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