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Gatsby Glam


We’ve come over all glam as fashion’s love affair with the rip-roaring twenties continues. The trailer for 2012’s most eagerly anticipated film, Baz Lurhman’s The Great Gatsby, has just been released and we’ve had a beady sartorial eye on Carey et al’s amazing outfits, because, let’s face it, no one does enchanting glamour quite like Daisy!

S/s is fit to bursting with references to the golden era of fashion and razzle-dazzle dresses, fur and headpieces were all staples on the catwalks.

The look was one of pure opulence and no one paid homage quite like monsieur Lauren; over on the Ralph Lauren catwalks models bedecked in swish-shwishing sparkling fringing on gowns and ostrich feather stoles sashayed down the catwalks, heralding a new era of amped-up glamour. Even leisurewear to turned up to 11 with stunning silk trousers, cloche hats, pearls and a cuter-than-cute wicker bag – want!

Fringing is back in a big way and there’s only one way to wear it this season: glimmering, shimmering and metallic. Georgina Chapman showed us exactly how to do evening wear on hot, balmy nights with Marchesa’s show-stopping metallic dresses in silver and gold.

Hemlines were kept low, low, low as midis and maxis reigned supreme – look to Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti for gorgeous metallic floor-sweepers with subtle art deco references. Keep skirts flippy and swishy – Dior does it best.

Art Deco references were seen throughout, from stripes at Gucci to points at Etro and Alberta Ferretti. Subtle patterns are an easy way to wear this look for daytime, substituting gloss and glam for a quiet nod towards the look.

Drop waists are the shape du jour with everyone from Etro to Roberto Cavalli and Gucci forsaking bodycon and defined waists for something altogether more demure. A drop waist paired with fringing is flapper fabulous. Add art deco references an sequins to that mix and you’ve nailed it, sister!

The Great Gatsby is released at the end of the year. To whet your appetite take a look at the trailer –fabulous!

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