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Reviewed: Bare Minerals Pure Transformation Night Treatment



Having suffered from misbehaving skin ever since I hit my teenage years (thanks hormones), I always dreaded having to take my make-up off in front of other people at night. After years and years of women’s magazines drumming it into me, I’m absolutely meticulous with my skincare routine, too, and I never, ever go to sleep with my make-up on. So, what’s the solution?

Happily, Bare Minerals have come to the rescue with their wonder product, Pure Transformation Night Treatment. It’s essentially make-up that you can not only wear whilst you sleep (amazing!), but actually improves your skin as you catch forty winks – love! Using ActiveSoil Complex (nope, no idea either!), this powder promises to dramatically reduce the size of pores, increase luminosity and deliver skin-renewing super ingredients straight where you need them most.

I’ve never been a huge fan of mineral make-up for its coverage but the idea of using natural products on my skin is a bonus for me. Whilst it’s true that I’d not wear this during the daytime as it is a little cakey, I absolutely love the effect it gives at night. It covers any imperfections and, without looking too closely, looks like I’m not wearing anything on my skin at all.

The brush applicator is brilliant and lets you buff the product on wonderfully - it collects just the right amount of product to give an even coverage. I went for the ‘light’ colour which was perfect for my fair skin (the powder also comes in clear, medium and tan).

I wouldn’t go as far as to say it ‘transformed’ my skin but it has certainly kept imperfections at bay. I think this works so well on my skin as I have oily-combination skin and it seems to soak up any excess grease on my T-zone. I also don’t mind the feeling of full foundation so the heaviness of the powder didn’t irritate me; be warned if you like being able to feel your skin breathe – this probably isn’t the product for you.

Though it’s a pricey investment, I love this product simply for the fact it allows me to complete my nighttime skincare routine whilst still giving me some coverage to hide spots and redness. Though its claims to transform your skin may be a little far-fetched it certainly helps keep blemishes to a minimum and gives me the confidence to face my friends sans make-up (well, kinda!). 

Plus, it saves my poor boyfriend from having to wake up to a monster in the morning – and what’s not to love about that?

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