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JW Anderson for Topshop


It seems not a day goes by without the announcement of a new designer-high street collaboration, but the latest is up there as one of our most favouritest ever, ever, ever, squeal-inducing collections – ladies, it’s time for JW Anderson for Topshop - can you tell we’re excited?

The capsule collection will feature denim, jersey, outerwear and knitwear (but of course!) and will sit alongside pencils, books, memory sticks and Rubik’s cubes in an avant-garde twist that sets it apart from other luxury-high street collections. We’ve heard word from a little birdie inside Topshop HQ that it’s one seriously swoon-worthy collection.

Anderson says of the collection, “I am very excited to collaborate with Topshop. It gives me the opportunity to reach a much wider audience with my designs. It has always been very important to me that my collections are made accessible to anyone interested in fashion and design."

Irish-born Anderson has fast become fashion’s wunderkind, and his star is firmly in ascent. After graduating from London College of Fashion he launched his menswear line in 2008, followed by his womenswear range in 2010. His collections have been met with positivity by critics and commentators alike, who have lauded his skill and technical mastery as well as his creative eye for colour, print and shape.

His s/s 2012 collection, featuring stunning silk paisley-print pyjama trousers, set the bar high and cemented his place at the fore of contemporary British fashion.

The collection will be available in September and will precede a follow-up range in early 2013.

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