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Blake Lively Sizzles for Gucci

by Jodi Lawler on

As the leading lady in Gossip Girl and face of design powerhouse Gucci, the gorgeous Blake Lively has always been ahead of the fashion pack.

And, with her recent style resurrection of late that saw her step out in some seriously wow! ensembles it’s no wonder Frida chose the blonde bombshell in June to front the brand’s campaigns.

Blake’s latest venture for Gucci sees her star in the ad campaign for the label’s Premiere fragrance. Clad in the most gorgeous glowing gold gown, Blake channels some serious old school glamour with Veronica Lake curls and side parting in a plush Hollywood apartment before being transported to, erm, a desert.

Well, where better to showcase a beautiful teal gown and sky-scraper heels?

A camera crew (complete with wind machine, obvs) film her stride through the sand, all vampy red lips, flowing locks and flawless skin. Sigh! If only we looked like that in 100 degree heat…

Blake looks stunning in the new video and we’re even more convinced she’s the perfect Gucci girl. Plus, we couldn’t help but notice what a damn fine booty that girl’s got on her.

See the vid below.

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