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Your online fashion guide to 2016's latest styles of tops 

Tops; Vests, shirts, camis, polos, t-shirts, long-sleeved, short-sleeved, no-sleeved, long, short,designer, high-street, cheap, expensive, red, blue, cream, black (you get the picture…) we love womens tops. And we love having a huge range to choose from because us ladies are fickle and it’s our prerogative – or so we like to think! One day we like to be minimalist and comfy in a white cotton vest and jeans. Then the next day we want to dress to impress in a sparkling glittery number. We like (need) to have tops to match all our moods.

And Cafe La Moda is here as your personal style consultant to guide you through our online fashion emporium to find you the best styles of tops to fit your shape and complexion. Once you’ve whittled your womens top options down, head over to our shopping pages and comparison tables where we compare the latest designers, brands and styles to fit your budget (and mood!)

Which styles of womens tops are perfect for me?

 Shirts (or button-ups) are ideal for office and formal wear, the shirt is normally made of cotton with a collar, sleeves and cuffs with buttons to fasten down the front. Womens shirts are usually considered the most formal style of top, making it a great choice for work. When buying shirts look for fitted styles to keep your look feminine.

Blouse The blouse was originally a garment worn by workmen and peasants but has now become a term for many styles of womens tops. Blouses tend to be more formal than women’s tank tops or tees but are considered less formal than a shirt. Blouses often feature details like drapes, collars and ruffles and are perfect for nailing 2015’s soft tailoring trend.

Polo shirts A polo shirt (also known as a golf shirt or tennis shirt) features a collar and normally two or three buttons below the collar and either long or short sleeves. The original style was designed by tennis champion Rene Lacoste in 1926 and featured a crocodile on the left breast which would become the emblem for fashion design giant Lacoste.

Tank tops A tank is a sleeveless style of womens tops featuring thin or thick straps across the shoulders. This style is great for the summer or used as a base for layering. Tank tops can be worn under other tops for the colder months.

T-shirts Womens t-shirt tops are normally a casual item of clothing made of stretchy fabric, usually cotton, and can have either long or short sleeves. Tees are great for casual wear and are ideal for layering during chillier months.


Which tops will fit my shape?

Pear shaped 

  • Make the most of your tiny waist and small shoulders with strapless numbers – the bandeau top was made for you!
  • Strappy tops look great on you too because they show off your shoulders and arms – go for an embellished number to amp up the volume.
  • Bright colors and statement necklines look great on you.
  • Avoid plain polo necks and anything too dainty.
  • To balance out your hips and shoulders, small shoulder pads in tops and jackets can work well.
  • Always showcase that teeny waist with a belt and show off your upper half with color, embellishment and lapels. 


  • Use your new top to sculpt and define your middle and draw attention to the parts you really want to show off – your legs, cleavage, butt…
  • Don’t be afraid to wear Spanx or control pants to pull you in at the waist. No one will ever know (unless you tell them!) and if it’s good enough for the beautiful Beyonce Knowles then it’s good enough for us.
  • Highlight your décolletage with open collars. V-necks and scoop necks are great for you and embellished necklines and sleeve details will draw attention away from your middle. 
  • Longer lengths, such as tunics, work really well for you but avoid chunky or bulky tops and avoid anything too tight or baggy.


  • Low halternecks and square necklines look gorgeous on you, just don’t hide those curves away under anything too baggy.
  • Scoop or V-necks are the best options for showing off your curves.
  • Shop for sheer, soft and slim-fitting fabrics and steer clear of anything too clingy.
  • Avoid high necklines or fussy details if you’ve got a big bust and always remember the golden rule for the hourglass woman: cinch in that waist!


  • Avoid round or plunging necklines and opt for an empire line or an asymmetric neckline instead.
  • Ruffles, gathers, layers and pleats on tops will give you some added curves up top while prints can also create the illusion of a bigger bust.
  • Pull your waist in with a belt to create a more defined silhouette.
  • Halter neck tops or wearing a chunky statement necklace will also add curves.
  • Cowl necklines should be your go to shape when shopping for new tops since they add volume around the bust. 


  • Don’t opt for women’s tops with ruffles and fussy details as they will simply make you look even bigger.
  • Delicate straps, puffy sleeves, embellished necklines and high necklines should be avoided like the plague.
  • Go for tops that draw attention to the waist and nip your middle in with a belt.
  • One shouldered tops look great on you too. 


  • Avoid any detail or fuss on your tops: pockets, ruffles and frills will all drown you and make you look shorter.
  • Think verticle stripes or patterns that will elongate your figure. 


  • Go for bold prints and patterns on tops.
  • Add a waist-cinching belt.
  •  Layer tops over each other to play up your proportions.

Which color tops will flatter my complexion?

Deep complexions You have blue, red or pink undertones to your skin and you are generally brunette with dark eyes. Bold, clear colors look great on you – think white, black, blue and red - whereas neutrals, beiges and biscuit tones are best avoided.

Warm complexions You have golden or yellow tones to your skin and usually have red or brunette hair and darker skin. Your perfect color match mimics the warm tones in your skin – camel, beige, orange and gold look gorgeous on you whereas cool tones such as blue are no-nos.

Light complexions Your skin has golden undertones and is often a creamy white or peach color. Strawberry blonde hair and blue or green eyes are characteristic of light complexions. Warm, orange-based colors and dirty tones fit you perfectly.

Cool complexion Blue, red or pink undertones characterise a cool complexion. Your skin is often pale or pink and you have blonde or brunette hair with light-colored eyes. Pastels and lighter tones look fantastic against your skin.

Size guide

Whether you're investing in a designer number or lots of colorful cheap womens tops getting the fit just right is imperative to making the most of your shape. Take a look at our size guide for a rough guide to comparing sizes: