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Your guide to buying electrical beauty products online for 2015

Hair removal is one of us ladies most dreaded tasks, but, with new technologies and pretty packaging, our least favourite half and hour is made slightly more enjoyable with a wave of stylish new electrical beauty products. 
Take a look at our online guide before heading to our shopping pages and checking out our comparison tables to ensure you get the best offers and deals on big name and cheap beauty products online. You'll be feeling polished and preened in no time!

Type of electrical beauty products: hair removal

Epilator An epilator works to remove hair by grasping multiple hairs and pulling them out simultaneously. Epilators have a reputation for being notoriously painful, but if you can stand the feeling you’ve got one of the best forms of at-home hair removal with results lasting longer than shaving. Plus, investing in an epilator works out as a cheap alternative to replacing razor blades and costly waxing appointments.

Ladyshave Ladyshaves are electrical beauty products used to remove hairquickly and painlessly. Results typically last a few days and ladyshaves can be used wet or dry and almost anywhere on the body. They often also contain skin-softening moisturisers to keep your skin hydrated and smooth. Ladyshaves are relatively cheap and take away the fuss of having to replace razor heads.

Bikini shaver Bikini razors are an electrical product specifically designed to remove hair from the delicate bikini area. The head is smaller and settings can often be switched between shaving, epilating and trimming.

Laser removal At-home laser electrical products work to remove hair bysending a laser beam to the hair follicle to destroy the root, without affecting the surrounding area. Treatment is quick and permanent and increasingly popular in 2015. Check reviews, prices and offers to ensure you’re getting the best deals for your money.

How to choose a hair-removal beauty product

Sensitive skin If you have sensitive skin look for beauty products online that are hypoallergenic or specifically designed for sensitive skin. Some manufacturers also include features such as a sonic massager, ceramic head or an ice pack which will help soothe your skin.

Wet vs. dry Do you prefer to remove hair in the shower or bath or when your skin’s dry? Many electrical beauty products have the capability to be used wet or dry giving you the best of both worlds. If your skin’s sensitive you may want to opt for one that can be used wet as this will help open pores and make hair removal easier and less painful.

Speed settings Compare speed settings to find a hair removal product that’s perfect for you. A slower setting is the best option for more sensitive parts of your body or when you’re just starting to use your new beauty product.

Attachments Look out for extra attachments such as changeable heads and interchangeable epilating/shaving features.

Cord vs. cordless Cordless electrical beauty products give you the freedom to move around as you use them. It also makes them easier and lighter to transport. On the downside, batteries will have to be recharged or replaced regularly. Many manufacturers now make electrical beauty products that have the capacity to be both cordless and with-cord.

Type of beauty product: electric toothbrush

An electric toothbrush uses electric power to move the brush head quickly to give teeth a deep clean that’s not possible with a manual toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes are available as battery-operated or mains charged and can include several features. Here’s a list of features to consider when you buy your new electrical toothbrush:

  • Numerous brushing modes/settings
  • Pressure sensors that let you know if you’re brushing too hard
  • Timers
  • Digital reminders to let you know when to change the head
  • Size of brush head

Delivery and returns

It is always best to check online independent retailers’ delivery and returns policy before you buy electrical hair products or toothbrushes. UK policy states that any purchase made online comes with a seven day ‘cooling off’ period where you’re able, by law, to return any online goods. Many retailers extend this to 28 or 30 days so it’s always best to check before you buy.