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Your guide to gloves to keep your mitts toasty in 2016

Gloves are the underdog of the fashion world but they make the difference between cosy warm hands and icicle fingers in those freezing winter months. Whether you’re looking for some simple designer leather driving gloves or cheaper knitted gloves to make a fashion statement, we’ve got everything you could want in our online emporium.

To help make things a little easier for you we’ve compiled a guide to buying your perfect gloves online. Head over to our shopping pages to compare the latest styles and designers at the best prices using our comparison tables – the rest is up to you!

Types of gloves

Winter gloves Winter gloves are designed to keep your hands cosy and warm during those winter months. Knitted or wool gloves can be very cheap and are easily available online and on the high street. They tend not to protect hands well against moisture so are not a great idea if you’re in an area of the UK that sees plenty of snowfall.

Driving gloves Aptly-named driving gloves were originally designed to keep hands clean and warm when driving a car in the days where steering wheels were often made of wood or metal. The latest styles of driving gloves are usually made from leather and are less of a necessity thanks to the grips on a steering wheel and air conditioning/heaters in cars.

Fashion gloves Fashion gloves come in a range of styles, colours and fabrics, from wool to shearling and fingerless to gloves that barely cover the wrist. This is a great option if you want to buy new gloves that are stylish and make a statement or you’d like to buy several pairs of cheap gloves to team with different clothes in your wardrobe – we love your thinking!

Leather gloves Leather gloves are a great investment buy if you’re willing to spend a little more on getting a great pair. Leather designer gloves in a timeless colour are a fantastic buy to see you through many winters to come and can make a great vintage piece in years to come! Look for leather gloves with a warm lining to keep your hands as warm as possible.

Tips for buying gloves

  • If you’re buying gloves to keep your paws warm during the UK’s chilly winter months look for fleece, cashmere or wool-lined fabrics. 
  • Rain, snow and sleet can damage your gloves so be sure to look for weather-proof fabrics on the exterior of gloves.
  • When checking the fit of your gloves make sure the wrist area is snug; you don’t want drafts, water or snow getting in there!
  • Equally, wearing gloves that are too small can restrict movement in the fingers – very frustrating when you’re trying to drive or carry things.
  • For wearable gloves you can re-use year after year go for solid colours: black, navy, tan, brown, grey and deep red.
  • Look for smaller stitching as you’re shopping for gloves as this will make a glove more durable than a larger stitch. 
  • Consider where you’ll be wearing your gloves. Will you be wearing them to work or when dealing with clients? Leather gloves would be a great idea in this instance to add a touch of class to your outfit. 

Delivery and returns

It is always best to check online independent retailers’ delivery and returns policy before buyingladies gloves. UK policy states that any purchase made online comes with a seven day ‘cooling off’ period where you’re able, by law, to return any online goods. Many retailers extend this to 28 or 30 days so it’s always best to check before you buy.