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Style notes: How to compare women's knitwear online

Knitwear so often ends up in the pile of unwanted gifts left mounting at back of your closet. And if your grandma’s collection of wool sweaters is as varied as a rainbow then we don’t blame you.

However, knitwear when worn right can be a style statement, leaving you looking trendy. From the catwalk to the city-streets knitwear is in fashion.

Perfect for mixing and matching, knitwear has become a wardrobe staple. However knowing what works well and how to wear it isn’t always easy – even for the fashionistas among us.

Different styles of knitwear online

Under the broad heading of knitwear there are the obvious varieties such as cardigans, hoodies, sweaters etc. But there are a whole range of different styles and cuts of knitwear... so many that it can be baffling. If you’re anything like my mom (who makes the easy mistake of calling a waterfall cardigan a rainfall cardigan), then this section may come in very handy.

Batwing – Characterised by excess material under the arms and tight fitting sleeves.

Boxy – Loose fitting knitwear that is often square in shape. They have a reputation for being unflattering to anything but a super slim body shape, so be careful when wearing this style.

Boyfriend – The shape is loose fitting and designed to look like an item of clothing that would be worn by a guy.

Cable – A cable knit is a garment that has visible, raised lines of thick knitting. This style is often found in chunky winter sweaters.

Cocoon – The style is most commonly used in cardigans. It wraps around the body with draping fabric at the back.

Crew – This style is applicable to only the neckline of the knitwear so it can come in a whole variety of shapes in the body. The neck line is almost straight with just a slight curve.

Ladder – Much like the effect when you have a ladder in your tights, this knitwear has lots of small and loose holes in, with the stitching spaced apart.

Slouch – These are relaxed, similar to the boyfriend style. Slouch styles are a popular in hoodies as these tend to have a relaxed feel.

Waterfall – Like waterfalls cascade, so does the front hanging material on a waterfall knit. Although the front is loose, they often have a fitted waist and arms, making the whole garment more flattering.

Knitwear online – what will fit my shape?

Knitwear is great for staying cosy and warm, especially when layered. However it’s NOT something to hide your figure behind. To ensure you’re wearing the best knitwear to enhance your figure, here are a couple of pointers.

Body shape Body shape description Knitwear style
Apple  * Slender legs
* Usually has a larger chest
* Carry their weight around the tummy area
Wrap – Very flattering for an apple shaped figure because it skims over the tummy area and has detail in the waist to make you look slimmer than you really are – perfect!
Scoop neck – This will emphasise your décolletage and draw attention away from your tummy area. Having a scoop neck will also flaunt your breasts, meaning the focus is on your best assets.
Pear  * Smaller chest
* Narrow, slim shoulders
* Slim waist
* Carries weight around their hips, butt or upper thighs
Shoulder pads – Having shoulder pads and other detail will really flatter this figure. It will balance out your hips, leaving your whole figure looking lovely and proportioned.
Hourglass * Large chest
* Tiny waist
* Large hips
(the hips and chest are normally the same size – this is the iconic Marilyn Monroe shape)
Draping – A draping material will really flatter an hourglass figure. Not only will it disguise any problems in the tummy area but it will also accentuate your curves.
V necks – Very flattering to an hourglass figure because the plunging neckline will emphasise your curves.
Banana (straight) * Slim figure all over
* No one part of the body is larger than the other 
Waterfall & boyfriend – These styles of cardigans are very flattering for a straight figure as it creates texture and curves.
Ruffles – Ruffles will create volume for your figure and give the illusion of curves. Patterns will also do the same. If you want to enhance the appearance of your bust then look for a sweater that has chunky beading or detail in the neckline.

Size guide for buying knitwear online

Sizing is an important factor. Retailers can have slight sizing differences so it’s always best to check the size guides on retailers’ websites for specific details.

If you are traveling outside the U.S. or just want a guide of the standard sizing in the US then the chart below will be very useful.

United States United Kingdom Europe Australia
2 4 32 6
4 6 34 8
6 8 36 10
8 10 38 12
10 12 40 14
12 14 42 16
14 16 44 18

Delivery and returns information for buying knitwear online

The delivery time when buying knitwear online will vary largely on the retailer. You should always check the retailer’s website for details on their delivery policies before you confirm your payment for your knitwear.

Once you have confirmed your purchase you will recieve a confirmation (usually an email) acknowledging your purchase. In the confirmation email you will be given a tracking number and an estimated delivery date. You can use the tracking number to see what stage of delivery your knitwear is in at anytime. 

What do I do next?

Now that you have a better idea of all the different kinds of women's knitwear available, why not check our price comparison tables? You will find the best deals and offers on a variety of women's cardigans, sweaters, hoodies and fleeces, from the best fashion knitwear to the cheapest bargains.