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Your online fashion guide to everything you ever needed to know about men's accessories

Men’s accessories can make or break an outfit. Get it wrong and you look mis-matched and sloppy. Get it right and you’ve discovered a great way of pulling an outfit together and you get serious fashion points. Accessories for men are a cheap way to introduce accents of color, designer trends or fashionable textures into an outfit. They also allow you to incorporate some interest and inject your own style into a look.

Even better, designer mens accessories are a cheaper and subtler way to buy into a fashion design house without having to take out a small loan to afford it. Investment designer accessories look timelessly slick and classic, and cheap men’s accessories give you the option to buy into fast-fashion trends and cheap and cheerful looks without breaking the bank.

We’ve pulled together the ultimate guide to all things men’s fashion accessories to help aid you through the online shopping process. After you’ve done your homework head over to our shopping pages and comparison tables where we have a huge range of  men's accessories for all occasions and to fit all budgets.

Men’s accessories: ties and bow ties 

Ties and bow ties draw as much attention as a suit so it’s important you get the perfect ties to accompany your formal look. Here’s our bitesize guide to getting it right every time:

  • Inject color into your formal look while keeping it smart and stylish with hints and accents in ties and bow ties.
  • Use your tie to project your personality into an outfit. 
  • Choose subtle patterns and colors that complement your features and the color scheme of your suit.
  • Skinny ties are very trendy at the moment and are also more youthful and slicker than a traditional thicker tie. 

Men’s accessories: hats and caps

Hats and caps instantly suggest the tone of an outfit; a beanie hat will signify a casual outfit, a fedora will suggest a more formal look. Get it wrong and people will laugh at you. Remember thesehat commandments to avoid public humiliation:

  • A brown hat should be worn as an accent to a brown or green suit.
  • Grey hats are the most versatile and can be worn with black, blue and grey.
  • Green hats are also versatile (believe it or not!) and can be worn with black or grey suits.
  • When wearing a hat in the same color as your suit, be sure to match their tones closely. 
  • Formal attire? Go for a fedora, trilby or pork pie hat. Casual clothes should be teamed with a beanie hat, flat cap or casual trilby.

Men’s accessories: belts

belt pulls an outfit together nicely and is a good way to introduce accent colours or textures to an outfit. Remember these golden rules:

  •  Always match a belt with your shoes. A men’s brown leather belt should be worn with brown shoes, a black leather belt with black leather shoes, and so on…
  • Matching your watch buckle or cufflinks to your belt buckle makes for a dapper and pulled-together look. 
  • Never wear a dressy belt with casual clothing. 
  • If you’re wearing a casual leather belt with leather shoes, the color and finish should match – no exceptions. 
  • Remember, the bigger the buckle the more casual the belt, and your clothes should reflect this.
  • Wear suspenders or a belt, never both.
  • Black, brown, tan: they’re the three staple colors you should go for when you go to buy a leather belt. Memorise them.

Men’s accessories: cufflinks 

Cufflinks have been the distinguished man’s accessory of choice for centuries and they remain as important to a formal look in 2016 as they did back then. Get it right and your cufflinks will allude to a put-together and polished persona. Here’s how:

  • Be bold with your cufflinks. This is one form of accessories for men that’s quite difficult to get wrong. Go for a Paul-Smith esque color and pattern approach, or a more laid-back pair for a classic look.
  • Silver or stainless steel cufflinks look best and bring together an outfit if matched with the metal on a buckle or belt.
  • Show attention to detail and match your cufflinks to your suit and accessories. Cufflinks by the same designer as your suit adds fluidity and unity to an outfit and shows how put-together you are. 

Men’s accessories: gloves 

Gloves are the underdog of the fashion world but they make the difference between cosy warm hands and icicle fingers in those freezing winter months. Lose the snowman-patterned pair, take our advice and you can’t go wrong:

  • There’s nothing quite like leather gloves to command attention. Stick to black or brown for something that will match most of your clothes. Burgundy or deep red offer a twist on traditional color. Remember the lining of your glove is as important as the outer fabric. 
  • Soft cashmere is the golden standard but cotton and wool are good, cheap alernatives.

Men’s accessories: watches 

A men’s watch is undoubtedly a "man"datory men’s fashion accessory and the perfect finishing touch to any man’s outfit, whether it's formal or casual. A watch also says a lot about you: your style, tastes and even income bracket. Keep the following in mind when you shop for a new watch:

  • A Rolex, Breitling or Omega will never date and are investment pieces (with the price tag to match). A steel number from any of these manufacturers would look as at home on a formal look as on a casual outfit. 
  • If you’re looking to buy a second watch, go for one that’s different from your first so that you have an option for different occasions. 
  • Don’t shy away from thin watches. They can look elegant and individual with the right suit. 
  • A nylon or cotton strap is a good option if you’re on a budget and looking for a casual watch whereas leather or metal is much better for formal wear. 

Men’s accessories: sunglasses 

Nothing says ‘I know my fashion stuff’ like a good pair or designer aviators or wayfarers. Plus, you can hide behind them after a late night – perfect! Here’s our nuggets of sunglasses wisdom:

  • Aviator and wayfarer styles will never date and look great on most face shapes. 
  • Brown, grey and green lenses are color-neutral, meaning they cut down on overall brightness without distorting colors.
  • Yellow, gold or amber lenses give less protection against brightness but are brilliant in low-level light conditions. 
  • Gold-rimmed glasses offer a touch of luxe to your look while plastic lenses look brilliant with a casual ensemble. 
  • Remember that the frames should be proportionate to your face size and the shape of the frame should be opposite to your face shape. 
  • Keep sunglasses clean and smudge-free with a lens cleaner.

Men’s accessories: bags 

No longer confined to the women’s section, men’s bags offer serious style points, and a man holding a classy hold-all or gorgeous vintage briefcase is eye catching for all the right reasons. Here’s our mini guide to shopping for a mag (man bag):

  • Modern day briefcases have evolved from the dated and tired types that you probably imagine when someone mentions them. The classic boxy shape has been revamped with softer edges and a less rigid structure. Buckles, soft leather and attractive hardware now make the briefcase as much a case of style as substance.
  • Messenger bags are great for a laid-back look and are the perfect accompaniment to a casual outfit. Use your messenger bag to pull your look together by matching to the colour or texture of your shoes or belt and accessories.
  • Men’s holdalls are sleek and stylish for your business weekend away. Often leather, holdalls are refined and classy whilst carrying all your bulky essentials. Team with weekend wear or smart-casual attire.
  • A tote occupies the middle ground between briefcase and bag and nails that smart-casual look. The perfect tote is chocolate brown leather or black – the perfect keep-forever investment

Men’s accessories: scarves 

When the temperature drops a scarf should be the first thing you reach for, yet many men seem to neglect this winter time staple. The perfect combination of style and substance, a scarf is practical whilst making a fashion statement. Consider these points while you’re comparing scarves:

  • Are you looking for a wooly winter warmer or a breezy thin scarf to wear on a night out?
  • Do you want something casual or formal
  • A cashmere or merino wool scarf is the crème of the men’s scarf world. In muted colours and subtle patterns it’ll keep you warm and looking dapper for seasons to come. 
  • Thin, leightweight cotton scarves are ideal if you’re looking to update your Saturday night outfit or for some protection in autumn. 
  • Add visual interest to your look with a textured or subtly patterned or coloured scarves.