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Style notes: How to compare new men’s coats for 2016 online 

Coats are a winter wardrobe staple, but when it comes to choosing the right one it can be a challenge to find the perfect match that completes your check list.

Luckily, shopping online can be your best friend. You no longer need to move from that comfy worn out spot on the couch in order to find your new purchase. But if you decide to shop online for a new winter coat there are still plenty of things to think about.

  1. Style – There are so many different styles of men’s coats available. If you have an idea of what you’re looking for before you start browsing online you’ll save yourself valuable time. However, if you’ve not yet decided, or need a little help in choosing we have some advice later on in this guide. 
  2. Material – Does it matter what material your coat is made from? For example, if you’re looking for a coat to keep you warm in winter weather you may want to look for a men’s wool coat. If you do have a material in mind make use of our site search filters, located on the left hand side of each comparison page.
  3. Formality – If you think about where you’ll primarily be wearing this coat, you’ll have a good idea about how formal (or casual) it needs to be. If you’re looking for a coat to wear to work, for example, it’s usually better to be too formal than too casual.
  4. Budget – How often will you wear this coat? This should affect your budget since you may not want to spend a lot on a one time fashion piece. But you may consider spending a little more on getting a coat you will wear every day. When buying online you need to balance budget with durability.
  5. Brand – Are there certain brands that you love? If so, you should make use of our sites filters to narrow down your search.

Different types of men’s coats online

Duffle coats – A warm coat that is usually fastened with toggles, they were heavily worn in the navy before being popularised by the likes of former Labour leader Michael Foot, Jonathan Creek and of course Paddington Bear!

Overcoats – These were once worn to symbolise a high social class and are simple in style. Traditionally, overcoats tended to be double breasted; however this is not as common now. Overcoats can come in a wide variety of materials and often have button and pocket detail on the front, but are always long in length.

Padded and quilted coats – This style of coat was made popular by UK designers such as Barbour and Burberry. They’re thicker than many other winter coats, have simple patters, and are often worn as a fashion statement.

Parkas –  If you need a coat that is going to protect you from cold weather, parkas are a good choice since they have a warm lining and usually a trademark fur-trimmed hood. This style of coat originates from Inuit tribes who made coats from seals in order to keep them warm in freezing temperatures.

Pea coats – Traditionally worn by sailors, these coats tend to be darker colors and made from heavy wool material. The main characteristics are double breasted fronts and broad lapels.

Rain coats – These originated from Mr. Macintosh who combined rubber and fabric into a wearable, waterproof material. The two most important factors to check when looking for a rain coat are absorption and penetration. Always check whether coats are rain proof or just shower proof!

Trench coats – Originating from military uniform, this loose style is long in length and made to look more fitted with a waist belt. Trench coats also tend to have deep pockets and some simple detailing on the front.

Different materials of men’s coats 

  • Acrylic – Typically a cheaper alternative to materials such as wool and cashmere. Do be aware that although this material may be cheaper than some other alternatives it’s not always the most durable and wears out easily. It can form nicks on the material if washed regularly.
  • Cotton – This material is typically used in trench coats and rain coats. Usually the cotton will be treated in order to make it waterproof. However, if you’re big on human rights issues, be sure to check the garment label for fair trade cotton.
  • Gore-Tex – A trademark of WL Gore, this material is both waterproof and windproof. It works by having millions of microscopic holes that are small enough to allow a water vapour molecule to escape without letting the water pass through, thus the material is guaranteed to be waterproof.
  • Leather coats – This is a very durable material, thus popular for coats such as motorcycle jackets. It’s also common for coats to be made from faux leather, made to look like leather, without using animal skin. Leather coats can also be very versatile so look out for ones with fur trims, hoods or studding.
  • Linen – If you are planning to jet off to an exotic island then linen will be perfect since one of the main features is its cooling properties, perfect for hot climates. However, linen is a very expensive material.
  • Nylons – These are a much cheaper alternative to similar fabrics such as silk. Nylon is often used for the linings of cheaper men’s coats.
  • Polyester – Many discount stores will use a polyester blend to make their coats because it saves considerable amounts of money and is cheap to manufacture.
  • Silk – This is a very expensive material because of the laborious production process. Because of the high cost of this material it is often only used for the lining of men’s designer coats.
  • Wool – Due to its effectiveness at keeping the wearer warm, this is a very popular material for men’s coats. Wool is often a popular choice of coat as it doesn’t absorb water quickly, making it pretty good in wet weather too. Wool can often be an expensive material, so if you’re on a tighter budget try and look out for a wool blend coat.

Men’s coats for different occasions 

When buying a men’s coat online, it’s important to think about where you will primarily be wearing it. This should affect your style, material and color choice. If you are unsure about what styles will work for different events then why not take a look at the table below for some tips?

Event Style
Casual/weekend Leather coat
Padded/quilted coat
Duffle coat 
Work/formal Over coat 
Trench coat
Pea coat 
Wool coat 
Outdoors Parka 
Over coat 
Rain coat 
  • Casual/weekend – When choosing a coat for casual events you have a lot of choices in style and price. Good options for casual coats are leather, padded or quilted coats, and duffle coats.
  • Work/formal – If you need a coat for a more formal event or work then it is best to stick to darker colors such as navy, black and grey. When it comes to style, go for longer and more traditional cuts such as over coats, trench coats, pea coats and wool coats.
  • Outdoors/active – If you’re planning to spend long periods of time outside in variable weather, then you’ll want to make sure you have a coat with a hood and one that will keep you warm. The North Face and Regatta are brands that design their outerwear especially for those that like activities such as hiking, so this may be a good buy. Our style suggestions are, parka coats, over coats and rain coats.


When buying a men’s coat online it’s important you know your size. Why not find a tape measure and write down your measurements, then use the table below to figure out your size.
Always check the retailer’s website for their specific size guide since there will be slight differences from one to another. 

If you want a rough guide or are visiting another country (or vice versa) then this size guide below will be useful. 

38 48
40 50
42 52
44 54
46 56
48 58
50 60
52 62
54 64

Budget and brand 

We have put together a chart with some suggestions of different brands to look out for depending on your budget – this will hopefully help you when searching Cafe La Moda. Remember that you can also define your budget using our filters on the left hand side of the comparison pages.

$50-$150 $150 - $300 $300 - $500 $500 +
Austin Reed 
John Lewis
Helly Hansen 
Ted Baker 
Tommy Hilfiger
Paul Costelloe
Ralph Lauren 
Hugo Boss


When buying a coat online, the time that it takes for your item to be delivered will vary depending upon which retailer you are purchasing from. For specific details on deliveries always check the retailer’s website. If you’re buying from outside the U.S. it’s worth keeping in mind that your delivery time will be increased. 


Check the retailers website to find details on their return policy. Most clothing items you can return or exchange within a certain amount of time.