Compare men's duffle coats


Style notes: How to compare men’s duffle coats

Why choose a duffle coat?

The duffle coat can be the perfect piece for a relaxed and informal look. This stylish and elegant coat originates from France and is great for both keeping warm and looking like you’ve stepped off a catwalk. Worn on the shoulders of trend-setting celebrities the duffle coat is a popular choice across the board.

What is a duffle coat?

The duffle coat was made popular in Britain during World War I when it was worn in a camel shade as part of naval uniform. Duffle coats typically have a hood, toggles on the front, large pocket detail and fall mid-thigh. The duffle coat came to fame in the 60s when Gloverall bulk-bought surplus supplies from the military. They made them available to the general public and they became a huge success. 

Cheap duffle coats to designer duffle coats - brand and budget

If you’re looking for a duffle coat that is true to its original roots, the company Gloverall who made a majority of the main stream duffle coats from the 50's onwards are still in existence. Prices vary from top end designers such as Burberry and Dolce & Gabbana, to mall stores such as Topman and Burton. For advice on what brands/designers to look for to suit your budget, see this table below:

Budget $500 - $999 $250 - $499 $100 - $249 $50 - $99 Under $50
Store/ designer Ralph Lauren 
Paul Smith
Cole Haan
Land's End

Parish Clothing
Sean John
Blac Label
Basic Essentials

Fabrics and colors of duffle coats

Materials – Classic duffle coats are made from duffle, which is coarse, thick wool that originates from Belgium. However, today many duffle coats are made from a cotton polyester blend with the lining and padding made solely from polyester. Higher end designer coats tend to be made from 100% cotton. 

Colors – The traditional color for a duffle coat was camel, however today they come in a whole variety of colors. If you are looking to buy a duffle coat for every day wear then it’s usually best to opt for darker colors because they have greater versatility. 

Styles of duffle coats 

Duffle coats have small variations depending on the designer or retailer. However, there are some common features that most duffle coats will have in common. 

Hood – All will have a large hood with a buttoned strap across the neck. This was originally designed with enough room to be worn over a naval cap. Traditional duffle coats also tend to have a plaid pattern lining. 

Toggles – There tends to be four wooden toggles on the front of a duffle coat, with rope or leather straps to attach the toggles to. 

Pockets – A duffle coat is characterised by two large pockets on the front with covering flaps.

Length – Ending at the thighs, a duffle coat is a three-quarter length winter coat.

Sizing of a duffle coat 

It’s very important when buying a duffle coat online that you know your size to ensure a good fit. You should always check the retailer’s size guides, however for a guide to standard sizing see the table below. Also, if you are going to be traveling the guide below can be a huge help.

38 48
40 50
42 52
44 54
46 56
48 58
50 60
52 62
54 64

Delivery and returns when buying a duffle coat online

When buying a duffle coat online delivery time will depend on the retailer you’re purchasing from. For specific details always check the retailer’s website. Most websites will offer free returns and exchanges but if you are unsure if your coat is going to fit correctly check to see if the site you are purchasing from will require you to pay shipping and handling for your "free" return or exchange.

Shopping online for a duffle coat

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