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Your online guide to 2012's hottest cuts and styles of mens pants and jeans. 

Mens jeans and mens  pants are the core of a man’s wardrobe and they can totally make or break an outfit. Pants are the reason mens fashion designers and couturiers continue to feature them heavily in both season’s collections. The great thing about the perfect pair of pants is that if you get them right, the rest should come naturally. And to make sure you get it right every single time we’ve compiled your comprehensive online guide to "all things pants" to help you shop for your perfect pair. Whether you’re looking to be trendy with the latest fashions or classic and timeless with an investment pair of designer jeans, we've got you covered.

With so many styles and cuts to choose from we wouldn’t blame you if you were feeling a little overwhelmed. So take a look at our style guide before heading over to our comparison pages where we do all the hard work for you so you can concentrate on the TV, football and snacking – aren’t we good to you?

Which style of men's pants are trendy for 2012?

Combats Combat pants are easy to wear, comfortable and come in many colors and styles. Tapered combats are particularly fashion-forward whereas looser styles are great for casualwear or on vacation when you need something a little lighter.

Jeans Probably the number one item of clothing in a man’s closet. Jeans are great because they come in such a huge range of styles, colors and designs. Mens designer jeans are a great option if you’re looking for an investment buy or something a little special to upgrade your denim collection. Whereas cheap mens jeans can work just as well to inject a little pizzazz into your look with new trendy styles and the latest fashion looks. Jeans are the most versatile and wearable pants you’ll own!

Sweat Pants These are the perfect loungewear for hanging around the house or running errands. Sweat pants are typically thick and lined with a cosy fleece-type fabric.

Slacks Also known as trousers or "dress pants" these are formal and tailored and are ideal for occasion-wear and office-wear. Available in a huge variety of colors, styles and print, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect pair of designer or cheap mens slacks after a quick look through our style notes!

Chinos Chinos combat that difficult ‘smart-casual’ dress code and are ideal as an alternative to jeans or casual tailored pants. Even better, they’re so comfortable and come in a wide variety of styles and colors so you’ve got plenty to compare and choose from!

Cargo Cargo pants are both functional and hardwearing and can see you through all seasons. A great option for casualwear, they’ll go with almost all the clothes in your closet. They are always an easy item to thrown on and go.

What are 2012's latest cuts?

Skinny Mens skinny jeans have been elevated to iconic status within fashion-conscious mens’ wardrobes and it’s not hard to see why the slim fit is so appealing in jeans and mens pants. They are trendy and flattering, versatile and wearable. These form-fitting beauties indicate a well-grommed man who knows his fashion inside out.

Tapered Tapered styles of mens jeans and pants start in a straight style at the waist and hips before narrowing at the calves and ankles. This is a good option for formal or occasional wear just make sure you’ve got a nice pair of loafers or dress shoes on. This style of mens pants won’t hide those scruffy old kicks!

Straight leg This is a constant in fashion designers' collections year after year and with good reason. Mens designer trousers with a straight leg are a classic, timeless piece that will never date.

Bootcut Bootcut jeans and pants start with a straight cut from the waist before flaring out slightly from below the knee. A great style that will never date. Pair a bootleg cut with casual  knitwear and you’re good to go!

Carrot Carrot-fit mens jeans and pants have been adopted into mainstream fashion in recent seasons and are a huge hit with the style-conscious crowd. Featuring a drop crotch, loose thigh and tapering in at the ankle, the style gives a modern twist to men’s pants.

Arc/drop crotch A relative newbie on the mens trousers scene, the Arc style has an extremely low-drop crotch (lower than the carrot style – see above) and tapers in at the ankles. This styles popularity has spread fast throughout England but is slowly becoming more known in the U.S.

Low-rise Another favorite style of mens jeans. Low-rise jeans sit below the natural waistline, normally on the hips. A contemporary style, this needs a confident and fashion-aware fella to pull it off! Many mens jeans for sale in high-fashion retail stores will be low-rise as it’s deemed particularly of-the-moment.

Which styles of men's jeans and pants will fit me?

Heavy-set Dark, solid-color mens pants will help slim and lengthen your frame if you’re heavy set. Avoid bootleg cuts and veer towards wider-legs if possible because these can conceal flaws. Wear your pants a little above the natural waistline to skim over any bulk and create the illusion of longer legs.

Thin Horizontal lines are the perfect pattern for you and thicker fabrics such as tweed will add some bulk to your frame. Be careful of the fit of your mens jeans and pants as this can make all the difference to your silhouette. For example, skinny jeans that are too tight will make you look even more slender while baggy or wide-leg styles can make you look out of proportion. Straight cut, low-rise jeans and pants are your new best friend. Pockets, zips or details to the back of pants with add bulk to your behind.

Short Avoid horizontal lines in your mens pants and opt for darker colors. This will elongate your physique. Avoid patterns such as checks because they will draw the eye to your legs and possibly make you look shorter. Also, opt for pants with a longer hem to appear taller. Try wearing your pants a little above your natural waist to give the illusion of longer legs.

Tall If you’re tall and looking to buy mens pants with a pinstripes, opt for a pattern that is wider with more space between the lines so they won't make you look too tall. Pants with a larger cuff will also work to balance out your frame. When shopping for jeans, straight-cut mens jeans are your best option. However, bootcut styles can also work well in balancing out your shape if you have wider hips.

Matching your pants to your shoes

When matching your formal pants to your shoes, an odd match is nothing short of a fashion crime. Take a look at our handy guide to making sure you get the best color match:

Pants color Shoe color
Black Black, tan
Grey Black, oxblood, camel
Brown Brown, black, camel
Navy Black, camel, tan
Earthy tones Brown, camel, black


Still lacking inspiration? Take a look at our guide and consider where you'll be wearing your new pants or jeans...
Occasion Style solution
Casual Jeans, chinos, thick-ribbed cord, linen
Smart-casual Moleskin, tweed, chino, thin-ribbed cord, some jeans
Formal Dress pants, tweed

Delivery and returns

Since it is key that your new pants fit perfectly we suggest checking the retailer's return policy. Some websites offer free returns and exchanges while others make it a hassel having you pay for the shipping and handling for the return and the new item if you exchange.