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Nail the cosy chic fashion look with our online guide to finding your perfect scarf 

Here at Cafe La Moda we love scarves. Be it a pastel silk number to polish off an ensemble in the summer or hunkering down under a fluffy, hug-in-a-mug type in the depths of winter, scarves have the ability to finish off an outfit and inject a dose of je ne sais quoi to your look. You can’t beat a scarf for versatility either; wear it on your bag, around your neck, in your hair or around your wrist – the options are pretty much endless!

Fashion designers’ scarves, such as Alexander McQueen’s skull-print collection, have become iconic in their own right and are a cheap way to buy into a high-end label at a cheap price. The humble scarf is also a brilliant way to nail some of 2016’s hottest trends such as layering textures and feminine tailoring.

We know the huge online selection of scarves for women can be daunting and, if you’re anything like us, you’ll want every single one, in every single colour. But if your bank balance won’t quite stretch that far our style guide, shopping pages and comparison tables will help you narrow down your options to just one (or maybe two – don’t worry we won’t tell…)

Scarf styles

Winter scarves A total essential for half the year in the UK, fluffy wooly scarves keep us toasty and cosy on those unforgiving winter mornings. Available in a whole host of colours, textures and fabrics, the amazing British high street has a myriad of cheap styles to choose from so you can have one in every colour! What’s more, if you get one big enough it’ll double up as a blanket – love!

Snood Snoods occupy that middle ground between a hood and a scarf and have become a popular fashion staple in 2016. Traditionally a type of European headgear for women, the snood is now recognized as a circular scarf that fits snugly into the neck of a coat. 

Silk/ chiffon scarves No longer consigned to Grace Kelly and OAPs, the silk scarf is one of the latest fashion hits, with a whole department in Liberty dedicated to the silky numbers.

Which colours will suit me?

As scarves are worn so closely to the face they have the potential to make your skin glow and your eyes pop and will highlight all your best features – what’s not to love? Black and neutral hues will look great on everyone and guarantee a timeless look that’ll fit right in with the clothes in your wardrobe, but if you’re looking for something to really make your look pop, take a look at our guide to finding your perfect colour combo:

Deep complexions You have blue, red or pink undertones to your skin and you are generally brunette with dark eyes. Bold, clear colours look great on you – think white, black, blue and red - whereas neutrals, beiges and biscuit tones are best avoided.

Warm complexions You will have golden or yellow tones to your skin and will usually have red or brunette hair and darker skin. Your perfect colour match will mimic the warm tones in your skin – camel, beige, orange and gold look gorgeous on you whereas cool tones such as blue are no-nos.

Light complexions Your skin has golden undertones and will often be a creamy white or peach colour. Strawberry blonde hair and blue or green eyes are characteristic of light complexions. Warm, orange-based colours and dirty tones suit you perfectly.

Cool complexion Blue, red or pink undertones characterise a cool complexion. Your skin is often pale or pink and you have blonde or brunette hair with light-coloured eyes. Pastels and lighter tones look fantastic against your skin.

Tips for choosing your new scarf

  •  Looking to buy a winter scarf? Pick one that will complement your coat. If your coat is patterned, stick to a block color scarf. If your coat is one color feel free to experiment with patterned scarves. 
  • Make sure you shop for comfy fabrics. A scarf that irritates your skin will quickly land at the back of your closet. 
  • Make sure your scarf doesn’t poke out the bottom of your coat – pick one that’s the right length for your jacket or coat. 
  • Don’t be afraid to look at men’s online retailers when shopping for your new scarf – scarves are unisex!
  • Pair a silk or chiffon scarf with a brooch or pin – gorgeous granny chic!

Delivery and returns

It is always best to check online independent retailers’ delivery and returns policy before buying scarves. Retailers can have different policies about returns and exchanges so make sure you read carefully and agree with the terms before you buy.