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Style notes: How to compare the best skin care products online 

When it comes to skin care products we can spend hours searching the web looking for the latest skin care reviews or miracle tip. The truth is that most of us really only want to know what’s going to work best, how much it’ll cost and where we can get it from. It should be simple. Well Cafe La Moda makes it simple for you!

When shopping for skin care products there are a couple of golden rules: 

• Know your skin type – if you’re not sure of this visit most large department stores that sell makeup and they should be able to give you a skin type test and usually for free.
• Check the labels – sometimes the bargain buys contain the exact same ingredients as expensive alternatives.
• Set your budget – if you don’t set a budget you can easily be sucked into fancy branding and novelty packaging. 

Here at Cafe La Moda we compare a large range of skin care products. To make your shopping experience run with ease we’ve broken them down into smaller sections. If you need some help and guidance on choosing the right products to fit your skin (after all not everyone’s skin is the same) we have a large variety of beauty notes – just follow the links below. 

Day cream – skin care products 

If you ask any beauty expert, their number one skin care tip will be moisturising. Nourishing your face twice a day (both morning and night) is essential to a good skin care regiment. In order to correctly care for your skin experts say you should purchase both a day cream and night cream (see below). Although they both moisturise the skin, they have very different tasks. 

Day creams tend to include Sun Protection Factors (SPF) which will protect your delicate skin from harmful rays. They also act as a light barrier between the surface of your skin and any makeup you apply. 

Best skin care products – night cream 

Night cream is a heavier and more intense moisturiser than day cream. It’s richer and often contains more nutrients to aid the natural repair process that your body carries out while you sleep. Night cream should be applied just before going to bed after you have washed your face.

Many skin care experts believe night creams penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin where the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid (all the things that make your skin wrinkle free and smooth) are present. This means night creams are great at helping give your skin a youthful boost for when you wake in the morning. This takes your "beauty rest" to a whole new level!

Cleansing skin care 

Your skin will naturally produce a build-up of dirt and oil in the pores on the surface of your skin. Cleansers are used as a stronger product than face washes to remove this build-up. 

Cleansing is essential and when forgotten you may notice black heads on your face. Simply put, this is just trapped dirt and oil built up in your pores. When people don’t use cleaners to remove all the excess oil this tends to be when pimples or red marks develop. 

If you have sensitive skin, try to find a cleanser that will be gentle on your skin while still removing dirt. Many will contain strong ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin.

Skin care tips – exfoliation 

The skin naturally has a build-up of dead skin cells that need to be removed. Exfoliators are used to remove this accumulation. The most common type of exfoliator for the face is a scrub that contains small micro beads (usually made from cane sugar or sea salt) which leave the skin feeling soft to the touch. 

The best way to exfoliate is to work the scrub into the skin using your fingers in a circular motion – this will ensure the entire surface of the face is reached.
It’s important to exfoliate about once a week, but no more as your skin can become over exfoliated and dry. If you have very dry skin you should follow up your exfoliation with intensive moisturising. 

Skin care tools 

Many people just focus on creams, washes and lotions but skin care tools play an important role in a good skin care regiment. There are a wide variety of skin care tools but the main types are sponges and extractors. 

In this section of the site you’ll find skin care tools such as, sponges and extractors. Extractors include tweezers, callus removers and scrubbing brushes. These extractors are all designed to remove either dead skin cells or unwanted hair. 

Skin care for men

Male skin care is growing in popularity and is designed to create smoother, clearer and younger looking skin. The main difference is the smell, packaging and branding. Men however, should take better care of their skin by moisturising. This is especially important for men who shave regularly which means their skin is prone to sensitivity.

Acne skin care products 

Skin conditions like acne are common problems, especially with teenagers. Fortunately there is a wide variety of skin care products that have been specifically developed to tackle acne.
Acne products are much stronger than standard skin care. However, they work in the same way as a combination of standard skin care products would. The first step is cleaning out the pores of the skin. Next it works by preventing excessive acne from re-occurring. Finally acne skin care products moisturise and repair the surface of the skin.