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Your guide to choosing 2012's cosiest and comfiest nightwear 

If you’re anything like us at Cafe La Moda you can’t bear to part with your pajamas in the morning (even if they are fluffy with penguins on them!) And if you had your way you would stay in them all day, every day (it has been known on the occasional Sunday…). Which means only the best will do when you’re catching zzzzs.

What we love even more about nightwear for 2012 is that the pajama look has been a huge trend on the designer catwalks, meaning you’ll be ahead of the fashion game without even realizing. Amazing!

So for those nights (and days!) where only the best will do we bring you your very own online fashion emporium full of all things comfy and cozy. Whether you’re looking for a silky new nightgown or a big huggable bathrobe we’ve got it all under one roof so you dont need to sleepwalk through pages and pages of sleepwear. Head over to our shopping pages and compare the latest styles, designers and looks for 2012, and, because it’s us, we’ve done all the hard work for you so all you need to do is click and buy – you don’t even need to get out of bed!

Nightwear styles 

Chemises The chemise is a type of nightwear for women that is loose-fitting and sleeveless in a sheath-type shape. Chemises typically have no buttons or fastenings so are pulled over the head to wear. This style of nightwear can be practical and comfy or can be sexy and seductive depending on the fit, fabric and shape (and your mood of course!)

Night dresses Gone are the days when a nightdress was a cheap, floor-length, lacy ensemble your grandma's curtain would be jealous of. In fact, even fashion designers have branched into the nightie world, with Calvin Klein and Triumph making gorgeous and cute nightdresses for the style-conscious sleep-lovers among us.

Pajamas Pajama sets usually consist of a top and  trousers or shorts. The top can be long sleeved or sleeveless (and every length inbetween.) The set can be made of a variety of fabrics, including cotton, satin and silk. Fluffy flannel pajamas may not look sexy but they’re perfect for long, dark winter nights and are super comfy and cozy. Short pajama sets are great for when summer comes and your fluffy ensemble has resigned to the back of your closet. 

Bathrobe A bathrobe, or dressing gown, is a robe made of toweling that can serve the purpose of a towel and cover up after showering. This style of nightwear can be long or short and has no fastenings except for a tie around the waist which secures the robe shut. 

Compare nightwear fabrics

Cotton Cotton is the perfect fabric for nightwear thanks to its ability to keep you warm and snug on those cold nights and cool when the temperatures rise in summer. Even more, cotton is natural, light and comfortable and lets your skin breathe while you sleep. Loose-cut cotton ladies nightwear is extra comfy as it allows you to move freely while you sleep. Go for a heavy, thicker cotton set with pants and long sleeves in winter time and a thinner, lighter cotton set in summertime to keep you comfy while you snooze.

Silk Silk nightwear is perfect for the lady that likes a little class as she catches some zzzzs. Silk sleepwear is especially lovely in summer as it’s lightweight and keeps you feeling fresh and cool. Indulge yourself with a silky set and you’ll probably not want to take it off, ever.

Flannel Flannel pajamas are ideal for winter time because they keep you cozy and warm and absorb moisture if you’re prone to perspiring when you sleep. Flannel pajamas are also brilliant for bringing a little ray of sunshine to your wardrobe since they’re available in all sorts of colors, prints and patterns. Animal print pjs are totally trendy for 2012.

Things to consider when choosing your ladies nightwear

  • Time of year The latest nightwear fashion may be cropped-top and shorts sets but consider whether this is practical for the time of year you’re shopping for your ladies nightwear. Smaller and shorter cotton or silk styles are perfect for the summer time when the temperatures start to soar but may leave you shivering on a cold winter’s night. In autumn and winter you may find your lighter nightwear is just too cold. A long-sleeved flannel pajama set with pants would be perfect. 
  • Environment Do you often have people staying at your house or do you frequently go away on trips for business or leisure? Consider this when choosing to buy your new nightwear. A silk chemise may not be the best option if you’re going to be sleeping in close proximity to a colleague!
  • Use Are you looking for something you can use to lounge around in during the daytime on lazy days in front of the TV? Consider shopping for a comfy cotton pajama set if this is the case. 
  • Style Remember that pajamas can let you express your personality more than you would perhaps with your daywear. Don’t be afraid to go for bright, bold colors and eye catching prints or patterns; no one has to see unless you show them!

Size guide

To get the most amazing night’s sleep make sure your new nightwear isn’t too small that it’s rubbing and riding up or too big that it falls down halfway through the night. Getting a size up from your normal clothes size is often a good bet because it gives you a little more room to breathe. Plus, you’ll look extra cute in the morning in an oversized set! Take a look at our size guide for a general guide to comparing sizes:


United States United Kingdom Europe Australia
2 4 32 6
4 6 34 8
6 8 36 10
8 10 38 12
10 12 40 14
12 14 42 16
14 16 44 18
16 18 46 20

Delivery and returns

It is always best to check online independent retailers’ delivery and returns policy before buying nightwear. It is also important that you check the retailer’s website for any additional shipping costs. Always make sure you are happy with the delivery terms before you confirm your purchase. Before buying check to see if the website you are purchasing from does free returns and exchanges. Many websites offer free returns and exchanges. But read carefully, some websites will still require you to pay the shipping and handling if you return or exchange an item.